SourceOne Source One 5 Pack 4 x 6 Slant Back Sign Holder AD Frame : Exactly what I was looking for

I purchased these for a strawberry shortcake themed party to display the options in the cafe, now they are serving the purpose as a picture frame to hold pictures from the party dual purpose, great buy.

The product is what i wanted, but 3 of. The product is what i wanted, but 3 of the sign holders were broken and another 2 were cracked when shipped.

Convenient, inexpensive, and simple little frames. These are nice little frames for displaying a 4×6 photo. I use them as a quick way to frame 4×6 snapshots that i frequently print off my home printer — family snapshots and whatnot. These look nice and snappy on one’s desk, in one’s den, or in the office. If you are a digital photographer (like i am) and want to quickly print and frame snapshots, these do the job. These are really only good for portrait shots, by the way. For what these are, they are very convenient and easy to use.

I get a lot of photos of my grandchildren. At each stage of their growth, i want more photos. These are simple ways to display photos without going to a lot of trouble.

  • Delivered 11 Christmas Gift Graphics in These Frames.
  • Exactly what I was looking for
  • Convenient, inexpensive, and simple little frames

Source One 5 Pack 4 x 6 Slant Back Sign Holder AD Frame, Clear (SB-4X6-5P)

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  • 5 Pack

I was hoping these would be as durable and as great of quality as the ones i purchased at walmart – not so much. These frames did come wrapped separately and this is a good thing, but they are very flimsy and the plastic piece that should extend almost to the bottom of the back of the photo only comes about 1/2 ways down – causing your photo to come away from the front of the front plastic (aka curl on the bottom). Will keep these as they aren’t worth sending back – but next time will go back to walmart ones.

Just what i was looking for. None came broken as the other person stated, though i also purchased a hard cover book that it was packaged/shipped with. It may have been some extra protection from possible damage. I think they’re study and serve their purpose well. Extra kudos to amazon for using pages from an old catalog between the frames to protect them.

They are exactly what they look like. Great way to display little signs at events. I usually never mention shipping in product reviews, but i will this time. If you can buy this product in a store, i recommend it, as a couple of these did crack during shipping. I did not lower my rating of this item, because the remaining pieces that were not cracked i found to be quite sturdy.

Sign holders – used for table number stands. Price is reasonable and value is good. It is lightweight but definitely sturdy enough to withstand a bit of abuse.

Exactly what i was looking for. This product is exactly what i was looking for. The price was right and the arrival was quick. Everything was packed really nice and i am ready to use them on my craft tables announcing new books and pricing. They pack fairly flat and that helps when i am going place to place. It gives a professional look to my table.

Delivered 11 christmas gift graphics in these frames. . The frames are clear as the morning sky after a night’s rain, grasping the graphics like the neighborhood hawk grasps pigeons in dawn lit hunts.

These arrived unbroken and were made of a durable weight of acrylic. They are well worth the price i paid.

Too many pictures and not enough frames to hold them. That is the problem one of my friends had, so i got them some frames and they love it. I also got them some from amazon (3-pack) 5 x 7 sign holder slant back /clear /ad frame. Both sets are great and now he has more than enough for his pictures.

Great for snapshots as gifts. I’m a teacher and give pictures of their child/student as a gift to parents volunteers. The year sticks nicely to the acrylic in “puff paint. ” ( just an idea if any other teacher/photographs are reading this because you know finding an appropriate inexpensive gift is truly a difficult thing.

If you are looking for an unbelievable price and a very good product, this is the one to buy. I have used them previously for display purposes and they cost me twice as much at a local stationary store.

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